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Go On An Adventure

Rent An Affordable Luxury Camper

Find The Perfect Camper For Your Trip Away From Wichita

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All Camper Essentials Provided

Focus On The Adventure Ahead

Many Are Overspending On Their Campers!

Don't carry the burden of monthly payments for 10 - 15 years on a long term investment that may only get just a few days of use each year.


Instead, rent a luxury camper for your next big trip so you can feel relaxed even after the trip.

- No storage costs

- No winterizing costs

- No maintenance costs

- No monthly payments

- No need to stock essentials

- No depreciation in value

Your Camper Is Stocked With The Essentials 

So The Only Thing You Have To Worry About Is Where To Explore Next...

We Understand The Importance Of Getting Everything Right For Your Trip

We take pride in owning and sharing our campers.

All of our campers are used by my family and I, so we make sure to prepare you with everything you need to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as our family would want our own trip to go.

Start Exploring In
3 Easy Steps
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Find The Right Camper
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Book The Dates To Rent
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Start Exploring In Luxury

Who We Are

ICT Camper is a family business that cares about providing an outstanding camper for your next trip.


We love the outdoors. There's nothing better than kicking back at the lake, laughing around the campfire, taking in the sunrise and set, while forgetting about your troubles and remembering how good life really is. 

This has all the comforts of a larger camper in an easier to manage package.

Room for the family!

This camper will spoil you!

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